The Forest in the Clouds

by Sneed Collard III

illustrated by Michael Rothman

Booklist "Top Ten Science Books for Children"
A CBC/NSTA "Outstanding Science Trade Book for Children"
IRA Teacher's Choice for 2001

"This colorful book introduces Costa Rica's Monteverde Cloud Forest, which Collard discussed for somewhat older readers in Monteverde: Science and Scientists in a Costa Rican Cloud Forest (1997). Stretching across the double-page spreads, Rothman's beautifully textured acrylic paintings offer close-up views of some of the animals and plants living in this rich and complex ecosystem. Collard's text is as focused and colorful as the illustrations. Commenting on the forest itself as well as individual creatures that live there, he gives a clear sense of the diversity of life to be found in a cloud forest and the need to protect it. The book ends with a glossary, a map showing cloud forests in Costa Rica, and lists of organizations, books, and Web sites related to cloud forests, rain forests, and conservation." -- Booklist.

"This volume presents a vivid picture of Earth as a system via the cloud-shrouded areas of the mountainous tropical rain forests of Costa Rica. The focus is on the delicate balance of the flora and fauna in this ecosystem."--2001 NSTA/CBC list.

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