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Contents: The Complete Idiot's Guide to Publishing Children's Books

Part 1:     Where to Begin?   

     1     Adults Rule the World    
Sure, kids will read your book. But children's publishing is a business and you need to approach it in a businesslike way.

     2     I Don't Know What to Write!    
Turn here for tips and techniques for creating stories children will want to read.

     3     The World of Children's Literature  
Take a little journey to explore what children like to read.

     4     Why Children's Books--and Why Not?    
If you're in it for the money, you're in it for the wrong reason--and it'll show in your work.

     5     Setting Up Shop    
Writing is a business. To do it right, you need the tools of the trade.

     6     I Like to Draw    
To get started as an illustrator, you need more than paints and a brush.

Part 2:     Get Ready, Get Set . . .    

     7     It's a BIG World    
Change is the hallmark of children's publishing today. This isn't the same industry that brought you your favorites when you were a child.

     8     Book Formats and Age Levels   
This chapter takes a look at fiction and nonfiction and the many formats of children's books.

     9     Understanding Subjects and Genres    
Learn here the good versus fun books and discover genres from fantasy to nonfiction.

     10     A Guided Book Tour    
Although they tell many different stories, all books have certain elements in common.

     11     Finding a Good How-To     (Supplement: Writing Guides)
How you can find the book that will help you with your writing? Find out here.

Part 3:     Reaching Out    

     12     Is It Ready to Hand In?    
Everybody loves your story, but not all opinions are created equal. Here's how to choose opinions that count.

     13     Play by the Rules    
When you're ready to send your manuscript to a publisher, here's how.

     14     The Rules for Illustrators    
What's an illustrator to do? This chapter covers portfolios, tear sheets, directories, and other mysteries.

     15     Who Draws the Pictures?    
Authors and illustrators can play well together.

     16     I Know Somebody Who Knows Somebody . . .    
It's true that connections make things happen. But taking it too far can make the wrong things happen.

     17     I Need an Agent! 
Will an agent solve all your problems? And are you ready for one?

Part 4:     Understanding Publishers    

     18     Apple, Orange, or Banana? Just One, or a Bunch?    
What kinds of books do publishers publish--and what kinds of publishers are there?

     19     The Publishing Maze    
With so many publishers out there, how do you find the best match for your children's book?

     20     Deeper into the Maze: Other Kinds of Publishers    
Sometimes the search for the right publisher takes you to places you didn't know existed.

     21     The Self-Publishing Conundrum    
Self-publishing--a viable option, or are your hopes in vain?

     22     So How Does It All Work?    
You know you need publishers. Did you know publishers need you? Here's how to build relationships to meet both needs.

Part 5:     Working With a Publisher    

     23     Oh Boy! A Contract!    
So you've finally signed on the dotted line? Great! Now fasten your seatbelt for the rest of the ride!

     24     Copyright Basics    
Your story is your story, guaranteed.

     25     Revising and Editing    
Most experienced authors will tell you: the most intensive part of writing is rewriting.

     26     My Editor Doesn't Understand Me!     (Supplement: Editor Profiles)
Don't feel slighted if your editor doesn't want to chat with you on a daily basis. An editor's life is busier than you can imagine.

     27     Making the Pictures    
The text of a children's book is only half the story; find out about the illustration process.

     28     The Rest of the Process    
It's your story, but it takes an entire team to turn it into a book. And lucky for you, it's your publisher who pulls this team together.

Part 6:     My Book Is Published! Now What?    

     29     Selling Your Book    
How will your publisher publicize your book? Let me show you the many ways your publisher might market your book.

     30     Do-It-Yourself Publicity    
Do you have some ideas about ways to draw attention to your book?

     31     Back to School    
Now's your chance to go back to school to show what you've learned.

     32     I Won a Prize!    
What could be better than having your children's book published? Winning a prize for it, of course!

     33     Building a Career    
Publishing your children's book is a necessary first step in your career. But don't stop here--there's much more ahead!

     A     Glossary    
     B     Resources    
     C     Sample Materials    

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