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Sample Guidelines:

Typical provisions in the guidelines of a publisher of hardcover children's books:

XYZ Books publishes hardcover books for children from toddlers to young adults. We do not publish paperback series, audio cassettes, or CD-ROMs.

We do consider unsolicited manuscripts, and prefer to see the entire manuscript in most cases, especially if it is intended as a picture book. For longer nonfiction and novels, please send a query letter with three sample chapters and SASE for response.

Please submit manuscripts typed double spaced, using upper and lower case, on standard paper. Please keep a copy of the manuscript and have your name and address on the manuscript itself; we make every effort to look after manuscripts but cannot be responsible for manuscripts lost in the mail. Enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope with sufficient postage (not a check or cash) for our response and return of the ms. (if you wish to have it back), or for response only if the ms. need not be returned.

You do not need to include illustrations. We evaluate the text only at this stage, and often accept a manuscript before choosing an artist. If you want us to see samples, do not send original art; send photocopies, addressed to the attention of the Art Director.

Please send one manuscript at a time. We make every effort to respond in under three months, but can not guarantee that we will be able to do so, due to the volume of submissions. Please do not expect a personal response: we receive far too many manuscripts to be able to comment on each one.

You may send your manuscript to the attention of the Submissions Committee, from where if promising it will be passed on to the appropriate editor.

More information: We will send a recent catalog, if available, on receipt of an 8"x10" envelope with 4 oz. postage, and suggest that you review our books at your local library or bookstore to see if your manuscript is appropriate for us.

I hope you have found this page and this site useful. Please visit The Purple Crayon Bookstores page to find some recommended bookstores. Thank you.

More Basic Information

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