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Starting Points:

The Association of American Publishers The trade association for publishers in the US.

The American Bookseller's Association Regional bestsellers, author tours, bookstore info.

The American Library Association Recommended book lists, many other resources.

GPO Access Access to many government publications.

Publishers Weekly The magazine that covers publishing.

To find publishers:

Publishers Yahoo's list of publisher web sites.

Top 101 Independent Book Publishers An intriguing and useful list.


Other Useful Sites


I used to list a number of stores here, but they are now on their own page, where you will find bookstores offering new books, used books, out-of-print books, remaindered and other bargain books, and ebooks. If one of them doesn't have the book you seek, it probably isn't available:

Purple Crayon Bookstores


bulletThe Gutenberg Project A sizable and growing collection of complete, public domain, downloadable classics. A commercial version of the above. Free, but has advertising.
bulletIPL Reading Room Online Texts Excellent index of electronic texts all over the Internet.
bulletAssociation of American University Presses Online Catalog Information about many books published by university presses.
bulletAmazon Books You know this as a very large online bookstore. It is also useful as a sort of free and searchable Books in Print.
bulletLiterary Market Place: Home Page The WWW site of the most comprehensive directory of publishers and related companies.
bulletThe Complete Idiot's Guide to Publishing Children's Books I may have written it but I think it's fair to say this has a lot to say about publishing in general.
bulletNative American Books Books by and about Native Americans.
bulletFeminist Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Utopia A great index site of the SF and fantasy I find the most interesting.
bulletE-Zine Index A comprehensive listing of electronic 'zines.

Book Reviews:

bulletBoston Book Review
bulletBookPage Reviews from a well-known bookstore freebie.
bulletBooklist Home Page
bulletALA "Best" Lists
bulletBook review newsgroup
bullet The Hungry Mind Review


bullet Inkspot is gone, but this site fulfills many of the same needs. It even has materials that used to be on Inkspot. More commercial in tone, but maybe that will help it to survive.
Market Watch: A daily digest of publishing news, personnel changes, mostly about magazines, but covering general news too.
bullet WritersNet A directory and starting point to/for writers on the Internet.
bullet For Writers Another useful starting point.
bullet Intellectual Property and the National Information Infrastructure Cyberspace and copyright.
bullet Columbia Guide to Online Style How to cite online references.
bullet Editorial Freelancers Association A good source if you seek freelance help or want information about freelancing.
bullet Writer Beware A highly educational site, with case studies, focusing on scams victimizing writers.

bullet Poetry: either Internet Poetry Archive Home page or Electronic Poetry Center Home Page or The Academy of American Poets Keep away from (it's part of a vanity publishing business).

Interesting examples of on-line publishing:

bullet A new approach to the news? News stories are submitted by the users of this site.
bullet The William Blake Archive An amazing project. Huge images, but worth the wait if you are a Blake fan.
bullet HMS Beagle For biomedical professionals, but lots for laypeople too.
bullet DisInformation Disinformation, or just alternative political points of view?
bullet Tulip Book Beautiful engravings in this carefully reproduced rare book.
bullet Moscow Channel! News and commentary on Russia.

I hope you have found this page and this site useful. Please visit The Purple Crayon Bookstores page to find some recommended bookstores and to learn how to support this site while doing your usual online shopping. Thank you.

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