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This is a blog (what a blog is) in which I post interesting questions from visitors and give my answers; occasionally comment on an issue; and post links of interest. These materials are posted on this site for free individual and non-commercial use. They are provided as a public service. Please follow our copyright policy.

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What this is: Blog, as you probably know, is short for "web log," and is used to describe a web site or part of a site that essentially consists of a regularly updated and personal running account of something--someone's life,comments on the news, an event. In this case, I've decided to take some of the questions I receive from visitors, add my answers, and post them for anyone who is interested. I'm selecting those most likely to interest the most people, and editing them only to remove names and other identifying information, and to fix obvious typos. I'm also posting articles here that are more current event-related than usual, or putting up some of the links I may at some time paste in on my site more permanently, but feel are of interest now.

The newest material is listed at the top here. You can find each blog installment listed on this page, and you can also page through them, as they have "previous" and "next" links on each page. Each installment has from 3 to 6 questions on it, depending on their length. Items in each installment that I think are most likely to be of general interest have links directly to them.

Once you go to a specific blog page, you will find that there is a short header before each item on a page, so you can just scroll down to find what interests you. Alternatively, you can use the search feature for the site to search across the site, or the "Find" feature in your browser to look for specific terms--though of course you can only do this one page at a time (Look in the "Edit" menu on the top of your browser to find this feature).

This page and the content linked to from it were created by Harold Underdown ( Google + Profile ).