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Award-Winning Children's Books

Includes selected major awards and winners, 2002-2014,
and information about the awards, compiled by Harold Underdown

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The awards listed here have been updated through the Scott O'Dell Award, announced in early 2014. I am in the process of updating all of the ALA awards announced on January 27, 2014.

Why awards matter, and what you'll find here

Awards are important in children's books. They tell publishers, writers, and illustrators what is considered to be "the best," and thus the standards they must strive to attain. Many children's book awards, though not all, are selected by librarians. Award-winners then get orders from libraries around the country.

Awards are also important to publishers because books that win these awards will be ordered by bookstores as soon as they are announced, and then prominently displayed with award stickers on their front covers. The most prestigious awards thus not only bestow honors but will gain increased sales from both libraries and bookstores. They will also stay in print longer. Awards are a significant part of our business.

For writers and illustrators, getting to know the award-winning books--these and the books named to end-of-year and "Notables" lists--is one of the ways to understand what is considered to be the best today, rather than 20 or 30 or 40 years ago, when we were children. We can't read every new book that's released, but we can make a point of finding the award-winners.

This section provides information about 10 US awards, most of them awarded by the American Library Association. It lists recent award winners, and some of the "honor books," announced from 2002 to 2013. This is a dual-purpose information and shopping area. So you'll find links to pages where you can purchase the book or books you want, and also links that provide more information, including the official home pages of the various awards. (Purchase of books from this page will generate referrals that help keep this web site operating.)

The most recent award-winners are picked out in red text. This section has been updated through the National Book Award announced in November 2013.

Award-winning children's books

More sources of information and places to buy award-winning books

Articles about children's book awards

Created by Harold Underdown ( Google + Profile ) using information available on public websites.
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